I was born on the 21/10/1984 and grew up just over one hour south-east of Melbourne in a town called Emerald, located in the hills. I lived on a large block consisting of a veggie garden, fruit trees, chooks and a large working shed. Like many families in the 80s and 90s, almost all of our household items (except electronics) were made in Australia and the family vehicle was only ever a Holden or Ford. My favourite activities were playing footy, exploring the bush with mates and helping out on the property.

1992 – Emerald, Victoria 

Shortly after graduating year 12 in 2002, I realised that university was not for me. I worked various jobs for years and eventually found my footing when I launched a combat-sports equipment company. It was via operating my business that I gained international business experience and developed an understanding of supply chain and production management, logistics, customs and port operations, cross-border transactions and trade agreements.

2013 – Speaking at an MMA event sponsored by my former company

In 2015 I came to some life-changing realisations about Australia, prompted by Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. It dawned on me that I had never challenged Australia’s pivot towards offshore manufacturing, and instead, embraced a model based on outsourcing. I came to acknowledge that Australia’s trade agreements were designed in such a way to incentivise and reward importing businesses at the expense of the gradual deindustrialisation of our country. I wasn’t comfortable with that. 

I didn’t want to continue being part of the problem, so I undertook efforts to redirect my work with the objective of giving back to Australia. But how? I submitted applications to both the ADF and Corrections (two roles I consider a service to Australia), but those roles weren’t meant to be. I proceeded to work various jobs and and then it dawned on me, I could use my voice and draw on my experience and understanding of my own industry in order to expose crooked politicians and to inform the public of their wrong-doing.

After a few years of preparation and research I co-hosted my first rally targeted at Daniel Andrews in 2019, with the objective of highlighting Andrews’ dangerous commercial dealings with the Chinese Communist Party. I was straight away planning my next action against Andrews, and that’s when COVID-19 hit. 

December 2019 – Anti-Belt and Road Demonstration

The COVID-19 narrative seemed off to me from the beginning, but nonetheless, I initially erred on the side of caution but quickly determined that the government was not being transparent with us. The key event that confirmed my suspicions was Daniel Andrews’ incessant demands for everyone to get ‘tested’, to me it came across as a forceful sales pitch. I set out to learn as much as I could about the tests, I wanted to know; do the tests work? where are they made? who makes them? how were they approved for use so quickly? Who did the deal? and most importantly, who’s making all the profits? I was able to answer all of those questions and was disgusted by what I found.

I published a detailed report on my findings ‘DON’T GET TESTED’, you can view by clicking here. 

By this stage, I had already participated in several anti-lockdown protests as I considered that the government’s actions were causing unspeaking and unjustified pain to the public. It was on October 31st 2020 that I was arrested (violently) for the first time, my crime? Peaceful assembly. Also that day, my girlfriend, Monica, was detained without reason. That day fired me up, I knew there was no going back.

Click here to see my arrest

October 31st 2020 – moments before getting violently arrested by Public Order Response

To date, I have broadcasted over 170 episodes of MCJ Report (my independent news show), attended virtually every protest, spoken at most of them, arrested a bunch of times, my home has been raided and my fiancé was unlawfully detained for 22 days… all in the name of speaking out against the government. I am not discouraged by any of this, I am fired up and ready for the next natural step in my journey of pursuing justice, which is taking on the politicians in Canberra.

If you’d like to see me in the Senate, VOTE #1 – Group R – Morgan C Jonas, Independent for the Senate.

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