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Independent Senate Team - Group R

Morgan C Jonas
Monica Smit

For far too long, Australian politicians have abrogated their duty of care to the people. They have destroyed everything that once made our country special. 

Our manufacturing has been ruined, foreign ownership has replaced domestic ownership, government spending is out control and our most basic freedoms are under attack.

The only solution to this crisis is to reduce the size and scope of government, get politicians out of our business and empower Australians to take back control of their lives. 

I am running as an independent for Senate because I believe I can best serve Australia without political party affiliation. I love my country and I am ready and willing to dedicate my life to fighting for my fellow Australians.

Please take some time to read through my position on multiple topics in order to see if you’d like to vote for me. (see menu above) 

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Average politician these days are no where to be seen, until election week. 

My mission is to connect with as many Victorians as possible. I have nothing to hide, you can ask me anything.

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